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Thank You for your interest. Please allow us to introduce our family business

PT. GadingMurni (GM) is one of the oldest and biggest private limited stationery and office supplier in Indonesia.

For more than three decades, GM strengthens its business in four areas of Stationery, Office equipment, Office Automation and Office Technology.

Back in 1948, the family business was founded by SoenKieSoei, SandhiSoenardi, and DjoniSoenardi. Located in JalanKembangJepun, Surabaya; it initially trade as Leeven.

Until now we carry on the legacy and proudly share the knowledge with our stakeholders. Embracing our past, GadingMurni continues to learn and develop the best way in inspiring your office experience.

GM Factory

We have 5 factories in Surabaya and Jakarta and almost half of our local products such as Tiger Office Chair, OCE Diazo paper, GM School and Office equipment, as well as Diamond folder,are house-produced. Quality assurance has been our priority in presenting the best value to our customers.

GM Retail

Starting as a small retail shop, today we are growing and learning to become the best in our field. With wide range of products from the simplest stationery to the most complex industrial appliances: Altimeter or jewel test instruments; we are among the most complete one-stop-shop office products supplier in Indonesia.

GM Wholesale

Besides retail, we serve wholesale market from West to East of Indonesia as well. To cover the whole distribution channels, the two primary business functions; our Surabaya HQ and Jakarta Branch Office are accountable to control the supply chain activities.

GM e-Business

Emphasizing on e-tailing and e-marketing, we expand our capacity and keep evolving with the latest market trend and demand.


Our Mission

Not only selling high quality products but we also proudly commits in giving the best reliable service and solution in office needs. It is our passion to build long-term mutual relationship with our customers and our people.

“We create value to your business”; this mission statement shape our conducts to deliver consistent and excellent performance to our stakeholders.

Our Vision

GadingMurni has a vision to lead in bringing value and simplicity to your everyday office works. We care to provide the best solutions at the best cost we can offer. Work is fun!


GadingMurni provides more than 10,000 products from traditional to modern stationery and office utensils. We realize that our clients have different needs concerning office products; and it has been our privilege to provide wide range of products with superior quality and service.

Today, GadingMurni holds the dealership licenses of many well-known international brands including:


    1. Trodat stamps – Austria (since 1982)

    2. Trotec Laser Engraving – Austria (since 1997)

    3. Artline markers – Japan (since 2002)

    4. Pelikan writing instruments – Germany (since 1976)
      Recently with Pelikan Asia, GadingMurni establish a joint venture company “PT PelikanIndonesia”

    5. HSM paper shredder – Germany (since 2000)

    6. Maries oil colour – China (since 2000)

    7. Nippo time recorder – Japan (since 2002)

    8. Noris Stamp Ink – Austria (since 2002)


    1. Acer notebooks and LCD projectors – Taiwan (since 2005)

    2. Samsung printers – Korea (since 2007)

    3. Sony computer, VAIO – Japan (since 2007)


    1. OEM products from China under Newmark and V-Tec brand

    2. TIGER Office Chair – GM house brand (since 1995)

    3. GM school & office equipment – GM house brand (since 1995)

        The most complete one-stop-shop office products convenient store

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